Concussions in Urgent Care

Concussions are being seen more frequently in urgent care settings – are you prepared to manage them? This course will help you learn how you can integrate concussion care into an urgent care setting. Learn about the team members, tools, and strategies you need to care for concussions. Discover the unique benefits and challenges of […]

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Liability in Concussion Care

Learn how you may be able to protect yourself and your organization from concussion lawsuits. Most importantly, learn the tools, procedures, and practice guidelines that can help you meet the current standard of care.

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ImPACT’s Raw Data & Composite Scores

ImPACT Raw Data Composition Scores Thumbnail

Learn how to calculate the composite scores, review the reliable change indices, and subsequently learn the details of ImPACT interpretation. Discuss post injury testing guidelines and also common errors in test performance.
Learn from concussion expert Dr. Scott Burkhart, PsyD, Neuropsychologist at Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

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Advanced Clinical Report Interpretation

Advanced Clinical Report Interpretation Thumbnail

Dive into the ImPACT clinical report in this course and explore more intricate aspects of test performance and advanced ImPACT interpretation tips. Additionally, see several cases that illustrate abnormal or unusual test performance. Finally, learn how to use the ImPACT clinical reports in conjunction with other data to inform concussion care decisions.
Learn from the best: […]

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Six Trajectories for Concussion Management

Six Trajectories Concussion Management Thumbnail

Six Part Series: Learn how to use the six concussion trajectories to determine treatment pathways for your patients post-concussion:
Vestibular | Anxiety/Mood | Ocular  | Migraine | Cognitive Fatigue | Cervical Spine
Particularly, learn to use symptoms, VOMS scores, and ImPACT clinical reports to help determine treatment. Dr. Micky Collins, whose research consequently led to the creation of […]

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Clinical Report Interpretation: Treatment Options

ImPACT Clinical Report Interpretation Treatment 0ptions Thumbnail

Break down the ImPACT clinical report while exploring the concussion evaluation timeline, how to calculate composite scores, and best practices for ImPACT interpretation. Review case studies that detail specific aspects of test performance.
Learn from concussion specialist Dr. Melissa Womble, PhD, who is particularly renowned for her work with concussion outcomes.

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Clinical Implementation

Clinical Implementation Impact Applications Thumbnail

Learn about multiple pieces of the concussion management process. Discover how to successfully implement these processes in your clinical practice. Topics include a review of the clinical interview, vestibular-ocular screening, rehabilitation, return to learn protocols, as well as the integration of baseline testing.
Learn from concussion specialist Jon Almquist, ATC, ITAT, who was inducted into the […]

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Cervical Spine Rehabilitation

Learn assessment and rehabilitation techniques for the cervical spine post-concussion. You will learn how and when to initiate treatment for cervical spine involvement. Discover tools and assessments that a PT can use to examine neck pain.

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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy ImPACT Applications

Learn about the role of oculomotor pathology through vision therapy rehabilitation and orthoptics.  Discuss vergence disorders and oculomotor dysfunction as well as a must-have list of vision rehabilitation techniques.
1.5 EBP CEUs

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Sports Concussions & ImPACT

Sports Concussion ImPACT

Ready to become a leader in concussion management? Learn what a concussion is, how a concussion can occur as well as the signs and symptoms. Discover how ImPACT testing fits into a concussion care protocol.

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