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ImPACT Trained Physiotherapist


What is the ImPACT Trained Physiotherapist Program?

It’s a leading training program designed for physiotherapists outside of the US who want to provide best in class concussion care to their patients.

The training is easily accessible as video-on-demand and can be completed at your convenience.

What is unique about
becoming an ITPT-Physio?

ITPT-Physios are featured in Concussion Care Providers directory.

The blend of concussion management and rehab skills makes physiotherapists' role in concussion care truly unique. ITPT-Physio credentialed professionals become concussion management leaders by learning valuable skills to manage concussions and create concussion-focused rehabilitation protocols in their clinics.

Preview a course from the ITPT-Physio program:

Earning my ITPT-Physio credential was a step forward in understanding concussion. Having a framework for treatment using concussion trajectories is powerful and improves outcomes. This ultimately translates into predictable patient recovery!"

Codi Issac Physiotherapist

Codi Isaac, PT

Clinic Owner & Sport Physiotherapist (cert.), Isaac Physiotherapy

Ready to become a concussion care leader?

Who can become an ITPT-Physio?


Physiotherapists outside of the US, whose scope of practice is well suited for multiple angles of concussion care.

Are you a Physical Therapist practicing in the US?
Take the ImPACT Trained Physical Therapist (ITPT) Program and get CE Credits.

How does the
ITPT-Physio Program Work?

To become an ITPT-Physio, you're required to complete 10.5 hours of training and pass seven multiple choice quizzes (one per lesson).

To maintain your credential in the following years, you will take a continuing education course of your choice once a year.


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concussion care leader?